How the the show was written.
This show was the outcome of an Arts & Science Research grant from The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, a "Science on Stage and ScreenAward" from The Wellcome Trust and a special Film Production Award from the South West Media Development Agency towards the animation film "From Seasquirt to Psychiatrist".

Vari-lite Production services very generously loaned the intelligent lighting system which was programmed by their training manager Coral Cooper.

It was Forkbeard's first collaboration with a scientist, Dr Emil Toescu, though scientific themes had long been a preoccupation of the company.

Neon Circus generously donated the Light Wire system used in 'The Nervous Ghost'.

It was also the company's first collaboration with an outside writer/director Paul B Davies.


Concerning the uncharted grey matter between our ears, this was a journey through the membranous tendrils to the primordial soup of the ancient lizard brain –where the imagination finds itself deserted and alone in the most haunted house of all.


A clip from "From Seasquirt to Psychiatrist" which featured in the show.