The InComplete Works DVD (2 Disks) £10.00  


A glorious compilation of the best of Forkbeard’s film and video work over the past thirty plus years. Includes such classics as “The Bonehunter”, “Worm”, “Night of the Gnat” and “The End”. Also includes some rarely seen masterpieces of early cinema such as “Der Schreibender Guppelschtick”, “Fossil Works” and “The German Expressionist Nursery”. Now with a second bonus disc of recently uncovered fragments of early work including such forgotten gems as “Could a Whale Fly?” and “The Brontosaurus Show”. Disc 2 includes numerous examples of film interaction live on stage andsome of the more recent show trailers.

incomp dvd004 InCompleteDVDDisks incomp dvd003
Disc 1 Running Time 100 minutes,
Disc 2 Running Time 62 minutes.

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