“Totally surreal, bewilderingly creative and about the most mindbendingly hilarious production I have witnessed. This was easily one of the highlights of not just the short Cube season but the whole Complete Works calendar.” Stratford Observer

Meanwhile Dr Brazil tries not to look worried.

Complimentary peas are provided for people with nut allergies.

Mira Paschale, RST FOH Manager, and Paul Spero, RSCHead of Marketing, are worried the building will fall into this incomprehensible subterranean tunnel system....

Mira is forced to announce that no one should worry….

....particularly with the two locally based Tour Operators who are at work...Arden Forest Dream Tours and Hamlet Holidays. There could be an embarrassing accident.



For their Complete Works Festival the Royal Shakespeare Company commissioned FF to stage this spectacular perambulatory phantasmagorical promenaderie of FF’s trademark mix of theatre, film, puppetry and live music. The piece travelled through the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon in October 2006.  The event started in the Foyer , moved into the Auditorium and from there into a specially built miniature theatre called The CUBE, plonked in the Stalls. Using a home-made ‘Kabuki drop’ the Safety Curtain seperating us from the Main Stage was revealed and, as it rose, the Audience were then led on Stage……Michael Boyd described the show as “a Trojan horse, a bacteria to infect the RSC from within”.


An investigative dig in the Foyer of the RST has opened up a labyrinth of Tudor passageways stretching beneath the whole building. The Brittonioni Bros, presenters of The Rough Magyck Tour, and Mr Jobling, RSC Buildings Manager,  find themselves trapped behind some invisible membrane. Weird forces are at work. They’ll need to find an alternative route.