It’s a wondersome array of creations, many sensor-operated, coming alive as you pass among them.  Giant marionettes jostle with life-size creatures and automata - all old familiar Forkbeard friends from across the decades. There are mechanized peep shows, strings to pull, animations, films and the great array of equipment from FF’s analogue roots in cine and sound through to digital, all still working and whirring away; things you can wear, as well as twice daily inflations of the famous Blue Woman from 1985.

Ensconced in half an acre of wild, sculpture-strewn garden, the two working studios at Waterslade, near Hockworthy in Devon, now double as a permanently installed and ever evolving exhibition, a fascinating foray through Forkbeard Fantasy’s 45 year history.

We open to the public at special times across the year or by appointment for groups, clubs, societies, schools, colleges & universities - and even for the occasional  party or live film show.

If you’d like to arrange a special visit at any other time contact us HERE. Lady Penelope and Spouse (pictured right) will be happy to show you round.

"A glorious, image-juggling, myth-bending feast for eyes and brain” EVENING STANDARD
Since the studios remain our work-places, new creations, films and sculptures are regularly added or are being worked on when you visit - so there’s always at least a couple of the Forkbeard artists present to chat and show you round.
Be sure to give us a favoured date and contact phone number
"Demented enchantment that can induce spasms of giddy pleasure, deliciously witty" The Times