“A gloriously dotty comedy thriller inspired by Edward Lear and The Emperor’s New Clothes….80 generous minutes of madly inventive, thoughtful fun” The GUARDIAN ****

“FF as inventive as ever.... an exuberantly inventive piece... fantastic” TIME OUT  **** & Critic’s Choice

“Demented enchantment that can induce spasms of giddy pleasure....deliciously witty” THE TIMES  ****

With Forkbeard’s famed mix of visual trickery, film and outlandish story-lines, The Colour of Nonsense is an exuberant satire on an art and theatre world always in search of the New…. a hilarious cartoon journey through the shifting borderlands between sense and nonsense. As mutinous drawings throw the studios into animated confusion, only Edward Lear’s “Dong with a Luminous Nose” seems able to shed any light into the chiaroscuro of chaos.

“A company that really deserves to be called a national treasure...this brilliant little show, a sly and ticklish satire on the constant quest for the new” THE GUARDIAN GUIDE. Pick of The Week

"A gloriously dotty comedy thriller inspired by Edward Lear and The Emperor's New Clothes... 80 generous minutes of madly inventive, thoughtful fun." THE GUARDIAN ****

"Funny, sharp, gently satirical, visually stunning ...... beautifully realised and executed .... a grand success" Animations Online

"Another marvellous Forkbeard show..... a truly great story...... Forkbeard are still ahead of the rest of the visual theatre pack." 

At the studios of Splash, Line & Scuro, Cutting Edge Conceptualists, things haven’t been looking too hot of late. Splash is paralyzed by indecision and all the bright young turks are queueing up eager to knock him off his perch. Then, out of the blue, comes a salivatingly mysterious multi-million pound commission.


The Colour of Nonsense